Clean lines. Rich materials. A brilliant economy of space.

Penthouse or pied-a-terre, your place in the city is also your sanctuary from it.

With every square foot a precious commodity, our designers are obsessive and innovative space savers. Every alcove and closet merits careful consideration. As do the fierce individualism and strong style preferences of our urban clients. An apartment, more often than not, is a statement.

You want the best, and you want it in a hurry. We have the expertise and the resources to deliver superior quality with unusual alacrity.


A weathered English sideboard flanked by contemporary sconces. A Bauhaus-inspired living room with period accents.

Our design ethic honors stylistic boundaries. And very tastefully crosses them. We draw from a world of possibilities to achieve a harmony precisely attuned to you and your family.

Old school we are not. With the advent of readymade that is well-made and online access to fabulous signature pieces, a successful design exercise can be completed in a fraction of the time. Why be held hostage for eighteen cost-escalating months when you don’t have to be?

You benefit with stunning results that are distinctively your own.